Useful information
about Siria

How to use Siria

  • Preparation

    Fill the litter box up to a depth of 4-5 cm (1,5-2 Inches).

  • Removal

    Daily remove the clumps using a litter scoop.

  • Disposal

    In compliance with the waste disposal rules of your municipality, dispose of the clumps in the organic waste, in the toilet or in the household compost bin.

  • Replacement

    Once the clumps have been removed, replace them with more granules.

Disposal tips

You can dispose of the clumps in the toilet, in the organic waste or in the household compost bin. Please do not throw in the toilet more than two clumps each time and for a total quantity consumed by maximum 4 cats. To dispose of the non-clumped parts, please use the organic waste or the household compost bin. Siria is designed to _ush in well-maintained systems. Always respect your municipality rules regarding waste disposal.


To familiarize your cat with Siria, mix it with the previously used litter for some days, if necessary. If a pet ingests some granules of Siria, there are not risks for his health. Please note that the _oor could turn slippery If Siria granules happen to fall out from the litter box and enter in contact with water. Keep it in a dry and cool place.

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Siria is a certified compostable and biodegradable product: the essential quality assurance for you and your cat.

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