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The best catlitter

Siria is a biodegradable cat litter, obtained from natural raw materials which can be easily disposed in the organic waste, in the toilet or in the household compost bin.

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Clumping cat litter made with natural
renewable raw materials

  • Organic waste

    Organic waste

  • Smaltibile nel WC


  • It clumps

    It clumps

  • Long lasting

    Long lasting

  • 100% natural

    100% natural

  • Stop to bad odours

    Stop to bad odours

  • Dust free

    Dust free

  • Lightweight product

    Lightweight product

Siria is a high quality natural clumping cat litter, obtained by applying corn-cob granules to an innovative biotechnology that allows them to clump and to stop unpleasant odours. Siria is biodegradable and is made from renewable raw materials. Siria does not contain dust, which can cause health problems for your pets.

Siria The best catlitter
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Siria is a certified compostable and biodegradable product: the essential quality assurance for you and your cat.

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Please do not throw in the toilet more than two clumps each time and for a total quantity consumed by maximum 4 cats. To dispose of the non-clumped parts, please use the organic waste or the household compost bin. Siria is designed to flush in well-maintained systems.

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